Experiencing fireworks in Japan, Sumida River

So as some of you know, Japanese summers are packed with firework festivals or just plain festivals. The one at the Sumida River is one of them. Sumida river is pretty much next to Asakusa and it’s (what the locals told me) the biggest Japanese fireworks festival in Japan.

Preparing for the Fireworks festival

Going to a festival like this takes some preparation. As you can see in the featured picture, there’s alot of blue going on. This is because people bring plastic sheets to sit in the grass and most of them are blue or some have cute prints. But trust me its mostly blue sheets. Now if you plan on bringing your own or finding a place for yourself then take my advice: GO EARLY. If you have a Japanese friend they too will say the same thing or even tell you not to go. At the moment I’m doing my internship and my coworkers told they weren’t going because it is WAY to busy. But then again I don’t mind the people (or so she thought).

So when you put your blue sheet feel free to move around! People don’t move your stuff or sit on them so you’re safe. Now I got there around 4 and met up with friends because I was invited to a get-together. Now the person who organized it was there at 11 and got a pretty good place although in the end the tree was kind of blocking the view.

What to do in the mean time?

That’s easy! Talk with your friends, take a nap, read a book or chat with people around you. You will see alot of families just enjoying their time together or couples cuddling. You will also see alot of people in Yukata’s because its summer! And it’s also kind of the thing they wear during festivals. I went to a local combini (aka mini supermarket) and stacked up on some drinks and snacks to get me through the time. Things like snacks that are often eaten are sausages, takoyaki, yakitori, kakigori, corn and this accompanied by beer and softdrinks. But mostly beer. At the same time you also might be trying not to get crazy from all the cascada sounds. Yes just like other major bugs that arrive in summer the cascada is one of them and the most annoying one. In front of my internship there’s a park full of them and the moment I step out of the metro exit you are welcomed by their song. (less fun when you’re hunting Pokemon)

Now there’s also different kinds of fireworks to see and I will put a link where you can see what the different fireworks were during the Sumida river festival. But I have also made a vlog for you to see! So enjoy and let me know what you think 😉


One last tip! If you are hoping to get home soon but you don’t live close by? Don’t leave right away. It might take longer to get home, like me! But with some Pokemon Go and icecream I didn’t really mind.

Hasta la noodle!