DMM.Planets by teamLab

So first let me start this one with saying: “Everyone should see this and this should definatly come to the Netherlands!”

This exhibition is so, so cool. Sadly enough it has just ended but I was one of the thousands and thousands and don’t let me stop yet, THOUSANDS of lucky ones to see it. No seriously I waited 5 hours to get inside and although after almost 3 hours and a sudden rain fall I wanted to get out but I kept on pushing myself. One thing that helped were the nice people standing with me for 5 hours. The three ladies in front of me handed me their umbrella while the rain came falling down. Twice. And the family behind me wanted to share there fries with me but I asked if it’s okay to get out of the line to get my own.

Japanese people are the best people at waiting in line. I think it’s an art at what they do. I have seen them waiting in lines in Disney and they just keep going at it! After 5 hours they were still smiling and I was at my end. But then when I walked it I was all smiles.

Like they explain on the website, it is made for all ages and it invited you into all these different rooms like a big maze.

teamLab, an art collective, will present DMM.PLANETS Art by teamLab at Odaiba, Tokyo.

This will be the inaugural exhibition of newly announced initiative and will showcase some of the largest scale artworks by teamLab. An exciting digital maze of artworks including a massive “Wander through the Crystal Universe”(around 20 m x 20 m x 4 m) will be on show.
The huge installation will invite participants of all ages to immerse themselves in the multi-room environments spanning around 3,000sqm and showcasing multiple digital works. Participants will be invited to explore inside interactive artworks —including the largest Crystal Universe ever shown.

And it’s all pretty dark so you have to be pretty good at walking around in the dark. I didn’t film it because I was falling over the whole time but you start of with this bed like room with those little foamy balls beneath sheets, where you have to try and not fall or fall asleep. From there on you move into this bright crystal room what they call the Crystal Universe where there are lights EVERYWHERE. With the sounds/music in the background you kinda lose track of time but because it was kind off busy you sort of get directed to the exit. From that room you move onto the one filled with water and pull up your pants because it gets high! Like babies could swim kind of high.

With the white water and the projections it seems like your walking into this big pond of koi and flowers and it may sound weird but you will have to see it in my vlog! Because reading is boring anyways! In the last room you get to sit on this huge mirror while above your head flowers fall down in all kinds of sizes and colors. Now in between this all you are being guided, cleaned and lost in your own thoughts. But one thought just went through my mind “Why didn’t I bring my camera?!” Yeah I was kind of scared that something would happen to it and in the beginning you get this cute holder for your phone so it keeps dry so that is how I made this vlog!

Click on this text and enjoy and let me know what you think!

Oh and if you want like HD quality watch this little info from teamLab themselves!



Experiencing fireworks in Japan, Sumida River

So as some of you know, Japanese summers are packed with firework festivals or just plain festivals. The one at the Sumida River is one of them. Sumida river is pretty much next to Asakusa and it’s (what the locals told me) the biggest Japanese fireworks festival in Japan.

Preparing for the Fireworks festival

Going to a festival like this takes some preparation. As you can see in the featured picture, there’s alot of blue going on. This is because people bring plastic sheets to sit in the grass and most of them are blue or some have cute prints. But trust me its mostly blue sheets. Now if you plan on bringing your own or finding a place for yourself then take my advice: GO EARLY. If you have a Japanese friend they too will say the same thing or even tell you not to go. At the moment I’m doing my internship and my coworkers told they weren’t going because it is WAY to busy. But then again I don’t mind the people (or so she thought).

So when you put your blue sheet feel free to move around! People don’t move your stuff or sit on them so you’re safe. Now I got there around 4 and met up with friends because I was invited to a get-together. Now the person who organized it was there at 11 and got a pretty good place although in the end the tree was kind of blocking the view.

What to do in the mean time?

That’s easy! Talk with your friends, take a nap, read a book or chat with people around you. You will see alot of families just enjoying their time together or couples cuddling. You will also see alot of people in Yukata’s because its summer! And it’s also kind of the thing they wear during festivals. I went to a local combini (aka mini supermarket) and stacked up on some drinks and snacks to get me through the time. Things like snacks that are often eaten are sausages, takoyaki, yakitori, kakigori, corn and this accompanied by beer and softdrinks. But mostly beer. At the same time you also might be trying not to get crazy from all the cascada sounds. Yes just like other major bugs that arrive in summer the cascada is one of them and the most annoying one. In front of my internship there’s a park full of them and the moment I step out of the metro exit you are welcomed by their song. (less fun when you’re hunting Pokemon)

Now there’s also different kinds of fireworks to see and I will put a link where you can see what the different fireworks were during the Sumida river festival. But I have also made a vlog for you to see! So enjoy and let me know what you think 😉


One last tip! If you are hoping to get home soon but you don’t live close by? Don’t leave right away. It might take longer to get home, like me! But with some Pokemon Go and icecream I didn’t really mind.

Hasta la noodle!


Parents VS Kawaii, Clean toilets and screaming elections

When my parents decided to come visit me here in Japan, I did not know what to expect. I mean I am already used to this place and for me the clean streets or the electric toilets and all the goodies the shops have to offer are things I see every day. But I was suprised that even I was caught of guard with things because not only did they see things through my eyes but I also through theirs.

SO! Two weeks of motherly and fatherly love and running all over Tokyo. How much fun that has been! I got to show off the place where I live and my speaking skills. Although when I had to and they looked at me I do kind of get shy and they might not notice me speaking sh*t but the Japanese people do.

So after picking them up from the airport and the introduction of the Japanese toilet for my dad (He fell in love right away) we made our way back to their appartment only to find out we are also pretty hungry and in need of some food. Now we have done alot of things and ate alot of things and meat is one of them. We are meat lovers and thats who we are. So the Yakiniku, Shabu Shabu and the steaks and all the other good stuff was perfect.

We did the usual Shibuya, Shinjuku, Odaiba, Asakusa, Roppongi, Harajuku, Yokohama (because of the Shinkansen experience) Imperial Palace Gardens and even Disney Sea for my moms Birthday!


So the first stop we did after resting and cuddling and all that was Shibuya. Now my parents weren’t that impressed with Shibuya but they did like the shops that were located within the station. We also went back to get some dinner there and I understand. Everyone has their own taste and I don’t mind! We had some starbucks and watched as people crossed the road and walked around for some shopping. We didn’t stay out all to long because my parents were still kind of tired.

Now I have to say that I didn’t make that many pictures and video’s because I enjoyed hanging out with them more then keeping the camera in my face the whole time so some things are missing here.


So on the third day we decided to go to Odaiba after paying my monthly rent in Shinjuku. We did alot of shopping and walking and visited the Mega Web Toyota City Showcase. This also because my dad likes cars and me and my mom like shopping so we have to do what everyone likes. (I didn’t mind the fun games) And last time I came here with my best friend we did some purikura and did some grabbing games and this time I forced my parents to do some as well and boy-oh-boy did I laugh my ass off. Dad with lipgloss and mom with big eyes. In the end they also did it together just because my dad enjoyed it so much.

Afterwards we went for some all you can eat in the deep fry way and for me it was also new. I will go back someday because it was not only fun but also very delicious! We still talk about the couple that sat next to us and were eating for a whole village.


Touring time

Because of all the walking we did in the past days we decided to take it slow and take the bus. This was a perfect idea and a wish my parents had. My advice for you is to take the bus and just let it show you all the places. We got our inspiration for the next day this way. But beware! It is an open deck and if the sun is out and it’s 36 degrees celcius. It’s not that fun. Unless you’re in the wind.

Asakusa and Harajuku

I decided to do two places in one day and we started our day off in Asakusa before heading to Harajuku. They wanted to see an temple and when in the bus they saw this place and wished to visit it. We walked around the small stores and had some Kaki gori and some melon pan with icecream. There was also a creepy old guy who asked things in Japanese and wanted to make a wish with us. Now in Japan its hard to say no but after one small word he said I gave back his money and said a harsh NO. Now I stayed very calm and nice but my inner Dutch/Rotterdam person wanted to hit him. I’m just very thankfull my parents didn’t understand Japanese.

ANYWAYS. We moved to Harajuku and walked around some stores and made our way to my favorite Okonomiyaki place and had some Okonomiyaki. We walked back in a closed Takeshita street and called it quits.

Ueno park

I don’t have much on Ueno too say because its beautiful and WAY to hot. This was a day where people even died because of the heat so that explains alot. We walked around the pond and further into the park but after sitting in the shade and contemplating how dead we felt we walked to the two shopping streets, made a quick round and went home to cool down. It hit 38 degrees that day.

to escape the heat we also decided to stay indoors the next day to do some shopping. This day my parents found out about Time Sales and screaming Japanese girls. I have a link here to give you an impression!

Disney Sea

So even before my parents came I decided to celebrate my moms birthday in Disneyland or Disney Sea, but the weather for that day wasn’t that nice so because we had some rest in the passed few days we decided to go to Disney Sea on the 5th. Now I get excited when going to places like these and my parents noticed that as I almost left them behind at the station as I speed walked to the entrance. I got called at and stopped for them. I’m sorry mom and dad, Disney makes my heart very happy! So as you may have known from a previous blog I already went to DisneySea so this was a great opportunity to go and enjoy to the max! (thats why I have so little pictures) I pulled mom into the Indiana jones ride, even though they say people with certain pills can’t ride. (I still got her to go with us, YOU GO MOM!) and we did all of the rides! Except for the Haunted Mansion 😦 Ah well it’s OK, its not that WOW. But the thing that did blew my mind was the Fireworks show because WOW that was… WOW. I have a small fragment of it in my vlog down below!


Another wish was fulfilled for my dad while in Japan! He wanted to take a shinkansen and it didn’t really matter where too aslong as he went in one. So we decided to go to Yokohama and do some walking around and some shopping and visit the biggest and first China town in Japan. We decided to walk INSIDE and not OUTSIDE because damnit Japan and their rainy season and hot weather!!!! But I didn’t mind because they had a Disney Store ;-). The China town in Yokohama is Gigaaantic! We walked around for a good hour or two and on every corner there is something else! They say alot of Chinese people don’t live there anymore but the Chinese vibe is still there.

Imperial Palace Gardens and Roppongi

At some point you just don’t know what to do anymore and Roppongi was still on my list and so my dad said “Why not the gardens and roppongi?”. And so we did. This day was as hot as all the others but we survived and walked around for a bit before heading to the Mori tower. The gardens looked beautifull but dry because it didn’t rain that much. (Speaking of rain, it now has started and it rains HARD) So looking for some coolness we headed to the tower and I don’t know if I mentioned it but my mom does not like hights. But the power woman she is she did go along with us and looked around. We even got a picture with Mount Fuji!!!! I didn’t see it last time but this time we were lucky to see it in the distance! (hence the romantic parents looking in each others eyes picture and me holding it ALMOST in my hands)

Too all good things comes an end

well for the coming months of course. Now in between we did alot of shopping and bonding and celebrating my moms birthday and hiding gifts from her. But yes all good things come to an end and I am so happy I could have this with them. You don’t just really go to Japan, atleast my parents wouldn’t. So I was a good reason to come, and after a few days they still talk about what happened here in Japan. I feel so lucky for having them as my parents and for what they did and still do for me. It was hard saying goodbye but it won’t be for long because I shall return! TUN-TUN TUUUNNN. Kidding.

I love you guys (yes i am talking to my parents) Thank you for being there for me and helping me make me for who I am today.

Vlog time!

Yes some things are better in moving frames so enjoy!


Hasta la Noodle!

A trip to the land filled with Kimchi and make-up, Korea!

So as I said earlier in the previous blog is that me and my friend decided to go on a small holiday to Korea! And after my friend left back home for Vietnam and I got some rest I was finally writing this blog and making my vlogs.

Korea was fun but not as I hoped it would be. Maybe because we did alot in a short time or I don’t know, Japan took away the wow factor for me? But nonetheless I enjoyed my stay in Korea. So my friend came from Vietnam and I traveled from Japan and we met up with each other in our Guesthouse in Myeong-dong called Elm Tree House. Now if you where to stay in Korea and you’re packing small or alone and want a good location I would recommend going there. BUT, if you want a good resting place and enough room and clean bathroom and something less noisey, don’t go there. The location was good but that was all there is too it. I have had my share of places in the world but this was nothing I hoped for. But that is a different story.

So after arriving and the OMG I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN SO LONG hugs, we decided to go for a stroll around the neighbourhood and found our way to Namsan tower, or N-Tower or Seoul tower whatever fits best. We got ourselves some couple drink and popcorn and watched as it became dark and looked at the nice view of Seoul. Sometimes Korea could be confusing with things, like an exit or how things work but after a while you figgure things out. Like finding the way back to your guesthouse!

So after getting back and getting the much needed night rest we got up early and made our way to the Korea War Memorial Museum and that was on a big WOW level. Now you don’t need to pay any entrance fee for the museum and when I heard this I was worried it wouldn’t be that spectaculair, but I was fooled. I have noticed that the Korean people really like to learn from the war and look back at what happened. Kids no older then five already walked along the park to learn about their history and that was a shock. The museum is beautiful and tells so many stories about the war but also about what other people have done to help Korea during the war. The Netherlands also had their small corner with explanation and walking around the museum opened my eyes. If you get the chance to go to Korea and visit the museum then that is something you should definatly do!



So after the museum we went for more lighter things like shopping and eating and we decided on going to the COEX Mall. Now I used to be a big fan of K-Pop and still listen to some and COEX Mall is also known for SMTown so when my friend said “Sure we can go” I was kinda excited and felt like I was 16 again. BUT I did not buy anything hurray for me! But it was fun to see and maybe someday I will return again and go through the whole Kpop feeling again. After the SMtown part we decided to look around at other shops and stopped for some dinner at the Lotteria because they had TMNT figurines and who can say no to those?

So day “three” we decided to go to Lotte World! Lotte world is the biggest indoor theme park in the world and this was also on our list to visit! Now some say you need only two hours and you will have seen it all but still we stayed for a good four hours! Also because it started raining and then that does the outside park closes until its dry again. 😦 But still we had some fun exploring and it was very tiring. So we needed some good KBBQ for some energy! It didn’t help much because we slept very fast after.

So for our last day we decided to go to the Gyeonggbok Palace and meet up with a friend of Noa in Hongdae! Now at this point we were tired as hell but hey it was still good! We walked around the big ass palace (excuse my french) and made our way to Hongdae for more walking and exploring and good food and the famous 32CM icecream. Heck because we wanted we even went to a Dog Cafe to get some cuddling on! The owner kinda freaked me out because he was to close with the dogs but still it was a different experience then a cat cafe! We also looked at some street artists before heading home and getting some rest before we headed to Japan because she was tagging along for another small holiday here in Japan. But more in the next blog!

Of course I have made some vlogs about the trip that might make it a little bit eassier! 😉

Vlog 1 – Vlog 2 – Vlog 3

See you in the next blog! Hasta la noodle!

Tokyo life update

Almost two weeks have passed since I moved to the big city and it took me a while to adapt. Mainly because I am still adapting to this city life but somewhere I’m not afraid because I am already used to a city life back at home.

Now the difference is that this is a big city with alot of people and that is what makes it small. I have moved to Nakano-ku which is close to Shinjuku (takes me 10 minutes to get to the station) and close to alot of other places.

My room is rented through Sakura Housing and with it’s 9m2 it’s doable because I have made it my own already. I decorated and bought stuff to make it more homey and the only times I need to leave is when I have to pee, eat, watch tv or shower. Maybe not in that order but anyways.

When I made this vlog it wasn’t as homey as it is now but I have updated more and I might make more pictures if the light is better 😉

So the first days I wasn’t so much alone as I had my friend Steve here in Tokyo as well. Steve went to Tokyo after Kansai Gaidai as well and sadly he has already returned back home I still got to see him and some parks in the erea like Ueno and Shinjuku Gyoen. I am actually thinking of going back to have a picnic and maybe stroll around a bit more because the weather in Tokyo is very nice! (Sometimes) We also went to Korea Town where we had some good Korean BBQ and where I had a good fill of Korean boybands blasting from every store.

And then something I was looking forward to for a few weeks now was meeting up with my childhood friends from England! By accident and very cheap tickets they came to Japan to do some sightseeing and well that worked out because I am also here! I told them that I never imagined to meet up with them in Japan because, England and the Netherlands aren’t that far away so to speak. But we enjoyed our times together with amazing Okonomiyaki and my first time visiting Harajuku which, I might add as advice, never visit on a Saturday on a beautiful day. Unless you liked to be mushed together and not get that far. We also visited Yoyogi park and Meiji shrine and just chatted until we had to run for the metro and say our goodbyes.

And one of the next things on my list was Shibuya and some people may know that is also where the statue of Hachiko is. Great story, beautiful movie if you have never seen it, watch it. I was also lucky to make normal pictures and film a bit as it’s very crowded usually. Being in Japan for so long also made me crave for other things then just food and games. CATS. It may sound weird but the soft fur of a cat, the purring the watching them sleep is something I missed so I decided to just go and visit a cat cafe. Best idea I have ever had because that just gives you a boost! I have also made it a mission to visit more cat cafés while I’m still here.

And last but not least, I also met up with my friend from England again to visit Asakusa and look around the area. Didn’t make video’s but I do have a picture! Better than nothing ;-). We also had the locally made Melon Pan (bread) and together with icecream it was the best Melon Pan I have ever had. When you decide to visit Asakusa, look for the Melon Pan man!


Andy and me at Asakusa

That is all I have on my Tokyo life at the moment. Next week I will be visiting Korea with my best friend Noa and oh boy am I looking forward to that! Korea and squeezing my friend in half ofcourse. See you in the next blog that will probably be about that topic!

Hasta la Noodle!

Class of Spring 2016, Kansai Gaidai

This is the end, hold your breat— OK, this is not an Adele song but it’s a farewell.. Blog? So with all good things comes an end and Kansai Gaidai was one of them. Yesterday we had the End Ceremony at the Hall where everyone goes to pick up there diploma’s and such, I forgot the name but I know you don’t normally go in there because it’s very pretty and official-ish. After the handing out of our Certificates, well the book where they go into because for those we had to go to our own CIE (the foreign students building) and look through our mailboxes, we got to enjoy some really good food and good final talks with people. And at this point I started having some hard times but my mood is still good to cry so I will do that when it hits me.

I talked with one of my favourite teachers about the future and about my internship that I will be doing in Tokyo and some exchange of advice for his program and my future. I am very lucky to have met him and I hope too see him again someday in Tokyo.

And my friends, oh boy my friends. That hits the spot. I don’t need to be all gooey and make-you-want-to-vomit words because they know whats up. I made small farwell gifts with notes in them and origami hearts for the months we have been together. See that’s disgusting already! (kidding)

For my (B) Tomodachi’s (F) you guys rock and I am gonna miss the shit out of you and I hope you rock the world with your laughters and smartness. Drop the mic.

There is also a vlog ofcourse ♥

Hasta la Noodle! ❤

Goodbye and see you laters

I have arrived at the point where I am saying goodbye to my housemates at Seminar House 2. After a bunch of papers and tests, people started packing and cleaning up. One by one people are leaving Japan and so will I. Well, I will be moving to a different place but I am leaving a place I called home.

Having had my classes at Kansai Gaidai I started thinking about all that has happened. I reached level 4 and finished Genki Book 2, but I don’t think I deserve level 4 because I still think it’s hard for me to be able to speak fluent Japanese and write and read. Especially when it comes down to Kanji I just start sweating and ignore it. But I did grow alot at school, I have enjoyed my Entrepreneurship class and my Globalization one and even my Art in the Kansai Area (even though that got boring). My experience at Kansai Gaidai has been great, I had the chance to meet alot of Japanese students and practice Japanese, make friends, have crushes on some of them and have a speaking partner. This coming saturday will be the last time I’m going to visit Kansai Gaidai as the ceremony will be held for the “graduates” of the Asian studies program. The perfect moment to say goodbye to people.

I already got to enjoy some farewell moments at the house party we had a week before, but i t didn’t feel like goodbye at that time. Just alot of food and jokes and good music. I even made some Poffertjes (Dutch tiny pancakes) for my housemates which got eaten pretty fast. See some of the goodies in my vlog if you want to! —CLICK HERE—

I love these people and I am gonna miss them alot! I had the luck of some people still staying in Japan so I can see them later on again and for those who are leaving.. Let’s just say we made alot of plans to come visit each other. Italy, Canada, America, The Netherlands. Everything is possible!


For the moving part, I will be leaving the 30th in the evening taking the Nightbus to Tokyo, Shinjuku and start a new adventure there. I have started packing and I am happy I bought an extra suitcase. Now I have 4 suitcases in total, 1 backpack and 1 laptop bag. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well let’s just say I got a moving team to bring my stuff to Tokyo because me myself and I cannot take those bags to Tokyo. I am going to document my moving and all that so until we see each other in the next blog!

Hasta la Noodle!